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CFD thermal simulations for CAST, He4 simulations [report]

HVAC simulations for the new Prévessin HUB [report]

CFD thermal simulations for CENF air purge with helium [report]

CFD thermal simulations for CROME radiation monitoring PCB design project [report]

CFD simulations for the SHIP target design feasibility [report]

HVAC analysis for building 311 [report]

CFD thermal simulations for the air-cooling of the PSB dump upgrade - July 2013 [report]

Aerosol sampling in ventilation outlets of CERN ventilation facilities - May 2013 [project request] - [report] -[poster]

Ventilation of Building 180 - July 2011 [project request] - [report]

Ventilation Process of the Extraction Hall of MedAuston, Austria - June 2011 [project request] - [report]

CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope) Project - June 2011 [project request] - [report] - [poster]

Sonar Flow Meter - April 2011 [project request] - [report] - [report for the Pinched Flow Meter] - [poster]

HiRadMat tunnel Ventilation - March 2010 [report]

A feasibility study for the new n_TOF Target - May 2007 [project request] - [report]

Thermal Evaluation of Different DC Multi-Conductor Cable Cross-Sections and Installation Patterns for the CLIC Drive Beam Quadrupoles - August 2006 [project request] - [ report]

Investigation of the Ventilation System of Two Computer Rooms using CFD Techniques - July 2006 [project request]

Cooling of the P326 Gigatracker Silicon Pixel Detector (SPIBES) - May 2006 [project request] - [report]

Cooling Efficiency of the LHCf Heat Sources - February 2006 [project request] - [report]

CFD Simulation of a Fire in CERN Globe of Science and Innovation - January 2005 [project request] - [report]

Estimation of Heat Flux from the Wall of the Cavern and Tunnels to the Surrounding Ground Report - 2005 [click here]

Cooling Strategies and Thermal Analysis of a Module of the NA60 Silicon Tracking Telescope - September 2003 [report]

Thermal Analysis of the LHCb Muon Detector - 2003 [report]

Target Cooling for the TOF Experiment - January 2001 [report]


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