Ongoing projects

Refurbishment of the ATLAS ventilation system

CFD simulations are carried out to study how to improve the ventilation of ATLAS experimental cavern. The goal is to increase the mixing factor and reduce the vertical temperature gradient in the cavern.

FCC tunnel ventilation studies

As part of the FCC (Future Circular Collider) design study, the CFD team is asked to perform analytical and fluid dynamics simulations of a section of the FCC tunnel to obtain information on the pressure drop along the tunnel and due to abruptions caused by fire curtains. The main ventilation system for the machine tunnel supplies air longitudinally along the tunnel. Fixed curtains for the smoke extraction system are installed every 200 m.

Computational wind engineering activities - CERN topography model

The CFD team is investigating how the available topography and building data could be used to perform building resolving air quality modelling and other computational wind engineering activities around the Meyrin site.


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