About us

The CFD activity started in the Cooling and Ventilation group around 1993 when a technical student was appointed to work 100% on these studies. From that time on a number of young engineers (technical students, fellows, project associates, UPAS, trainees) took over this activity spending short to medium periods at CERN.

In 2004 when the TS department (today Engineering EN department) was created, the CV group decided to structure this activity into a formal team. At that moment about six young engineers were working on CFD so a team was created in the Detector Cooling section. Since February 2012, the team is part of the Project and CFD (PJ) section. Nowadays, the team counts with an average of three members spending between one to two years in the team.

Most part of CFD applications at CERN are concerned with thermal-convection problems: natural, forced or mixed convection effects in and around the experiment detectors and sub-detectors. However, the team offers its services to all CERN units requiring solutions within the range of the CFD applications. Example studies include room ventilation, fire and operational safety.


Team members

Section leader Michele Battistin
Fellow Aniko Rakai
PhD Student -
Technical student Eugenia Rocco






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