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CFD thermal simulations for ATLAS IBL - June 2013 [project request] - [report]

Thermal analysis for the cooling of the Hamburg Beam Pipe of ATLAS - May 2013 [project request] - [report]

The 2D CFD Study of the Thermal Behaviour of the ATLAS Muon Chambers and Cavern (Part 2) - February 2006 [project request] - [report]

Thermal Behaviour of the ATLAS Cavern UX15 - December 2005 [project request]

Thermal Analysis of the Ambient Air Around a Particle Detector - June 2003 [report]

Thermal Analysis of the ATLAS Dump System - February 2003 [report]

Airflow in the CNGS Tunnel Structures - A Study for the Ensured Operational Safety - February 2003 [report]

Thermal Analysis of the Airflow Around ATLAS Muon Endcap - January 2003 [report]

Heating Requirements for the Barrel Toroid Coil Cryostat of ATLAS in Case of Vacuum Loss - December 2002 [report]

Study of the Ventilation of ATLAS Cavern UX15. Air Velocity and Temperatire around Muon Chambers - November 2000 [report]

Argon Spill in the Hall of the ATLAS Experiment - October 1998 [report]


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