Reports database/2006


Thermal Behaviour of the Insulation of the CMS Tracker Pipe Tray - August 2006 [report]

Thermal Evaluation of Different DC Multi-Conductor Cable Cross-Sections and Installation Patterns for the CLIC Drive Beam Quadrupoles - August 2006 [project request] - [ report]

Investigation of the Ventilation System of Two Computer Rooms using CFD Techniques - July 2006 [project request]

Cooling of the P326 Gigatracker Silicon Pixel Detector (SPIBES) - May 2006 [project request] - [report]

Cooling of the Pixel Trigger System of the ALICE Silicon Detector using Flotherm - April 2006 [project request] - [report]

Thermal and Flow Behaviour of the ALICE Muon Trigger Detector - March 2006 [project request] - [report]

The 2D CFD Study of the Thermal Behaviour of the ATLAS Muon Chambers and Cavern (Part 2) - February 2006 [project request] - [report]

Cooling Efficiency of the LHCf Heat Sources - February 2006 [project request] - [report]

Thermal and Flow Behaviour of ALICE Muon Spectrometer Tracking Station 3 Environment - January 2006 [project request]

CFD Study of ALICE Inner Tracking System Thermal Behaviour (further cases) - January 2006 [project request] - [report]


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